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How Do I Check my Credit Rating?

By Martin Harris in Credit Cards
April 10th, 2011

Regardless of if you have good credit, bad credit or no credit, checking your credit rating at regular intervals is essential for all consumers if you plan on buying a home, buying a new car or opening lines of credit.

Checking your credit rating periodically is very important if you plan on buying a home, buying a new car or opening lines of credit. While there are numerous sources available to check your credit rating as reported by the three major credit bureaus, the internet offers several easy to use websites where you can check your credit rating across the major credit bureaus.

One of the most comprehensive services for obtaining your credit information is Equifax. Simply click the banner below to get your free credit report from Equifax.

Get Equifax Score Power

Another excellent website to find out what’s in your credit report today is CreditReporting.com. It’s 100% accurate and it takes less than 24 hours to retrieve your results. FIND OUT what’s in your CREDIT REPORT TODAY - so it’s 100% ACCURATE TOMORROW. Order a 3-BUREAU REPORT from CreditReporting.com.

Credit scores and FICO scores are also made available for consumers through subscription to one of the many credit report monitoring services such as Lifelocks. Although to actually get the scores for free from most such services, one must use their credit card to sign up for a free trial subscription of the service and then cancel before the first monthly charge.


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