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Florida Bank Destroys Community Garden

By Candice Taylor in Banking
June 12th, 2011

Apparently banks in Florida aren’t satisfied with charging their customers excessive fees for writing checks and overdrafts, one bank has taken it to the streets and razed a community garden.

Community GardenIn these troubled economic times, more people than ever have taken to growing their own food in gardens but what if you rent an apartment and don’t have a yard to garden in?

Community gardens have become increasingly popular across the US as a place where people without any land of their own can till the soil and share in the gardening experience. They are also great places for underprivileged children from the inner cities to get out in the fresh air, get their hands dirty and learn about being responsible for a garden.

Unfortunately, one bank in Fort Lauderdale seems completely oblivious to this simple concept.

From the UPI article :

The National Bank of Florida says it didn’t know anyone was growing vegetables on a piece of land it had cleared in Fort Lauderdale.

Bank officials said they received notification from Fort Lauderdale city officials the property was overgrown and gave them 10 days to clean it up, The Miami Herald reported.

The bank quickly dispatched a crew of workers to clean up the property.

The workers cleared away the 20 4-foot-by-8-foot plots where the Flagler Village community was growing vegetables and flowers, ridding the vacant lot of tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers. Gone, too, were the marigolds and sunflowers, along with the basil, rosemary and thyme.

It’s quite amazing that nobody from the bank had a clue that vegetables just don’t start growing by themselves in the wild?

Although a bank representative stated “the bank realizes they have hurt people and would like to help them find a better location”, the damage done is on a human end is more of an emotional loss than a financial loss. But, who would expect bank executives to know anything about emotions?

Full UPI article : Florida bank has community garden razed


One Response to 'Florida Bank Destroys Community Garden'

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  1. Karen Greer
    posted on June 12th, 2011

    What about the dumb city officials that sent the bank the notification to clean the property? I swear these city official types have their heads up their butts and can’t see daylight.

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