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eBay Gives Boost to Chinese Sellers

By Brett Goldfarb in Consumer Advocacy
June 23rd, 2011

eBay’s recent acquisition of GSI Commerce had an ulterior motive. That motive was to boost the proliferation of Chinese manufactured goods in the eBay marketplace.

ebay chinaeBay has certainly taken their love affair with Chinese sellers to the next level. eBay marketplace, which is already full of too many Chinese junk products, is planning a full blown Chinese invasion with their recent acquisition of GSI Commerce, an online services company eBay purchased for $2.4 billion.

In a poor economy, one would think a US based marketplace such as eBay would be working to assist their US based merchants but instead, eBay is intent on making it even easier for Chinese junk sellers to peddle their low priced junk wares to US buyers.

Apparently, eBay is gearing up to offer fufillment services aimed at increasing delivery times for Chinese products. No longer will those knock-off sunglasses or counterfeit Air Jordans have to ship from mainland China. The mountains of Chinese junk will be stored in eBay’s newly acquired facilities eagerly awaiting sale to US buyers.

The Wall Street Journal reports :

Later this year, eBay is expected to begin testing a fulfillment service to help the company standardize delivery times for its merchants, the Wall Street Journal reports. The program, which will be a pilot program tested by some U.S. and China-based sellers, involves merchandise storage and shipping.

One goal of the fulfillment service will be to cut down delivery times for eBay sellers in China. It takes an average of 18 days for an item to get from China to the U.S. The company hopes the fulfillment service can cut that time by more than half.

The fufillment services proposed by eBay are yet another feeble attempt by eBay CEO John Donahoe to compete with rival Amazon.

You can count on the fact that these new Chinese fufillment items will be listed on eBay as “Shipping from US” so eBay shoppers will never even know they’re buying Chinese goods.

Here’s what you can expect to find selling on eBay in coming months courtesy of eBay’s increasing love affair with Chinese sellers :

  • Portable baby swings that trap babies upside down
  • Toys with toxic lead paint that poison children
  • Pet food that kills your pet after they eat it
  • Toothpaste that contains diethylene glycol, a constituent of antifreeze
  • Faulty baby carriers that result in injured babies
  • Oscillating tower fans with faulty wiring resulting in fires
  • Circular saws with faulty blade guards that result in cutting users, not wood
  • Bargain priced electric oil heaters that burn down homes
  • Glassware that breaks for no reason, injuring users

If you’re the least bit patriotic and support recovery of the US economy, shopping on eBay should no longer an option.


3 Responses to 'eBay Gives Boost to Chinese Sellers'

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  1. Brenda Walls
    posted on June 23rd, 2011

    One more good reason to develop your own e-commerce website with shopping cart. We use eBay to establish new customers, then we try to transition them to our own zero commission website.

  2. eBay Seller
    posted on June 23rd, 2011

    I’ve been dying to say something positive about ebay for the last 2 years and sadly nothing they have done in that time has done any good for me the small seller. Now this?

  3. ebay stinks
    posted on June 23rd, 2011

    at least now we know what ebays been doing with all those fees theyre charging us every month. ebay sellers pay, pay, pay and then ebay just pulls the rug out from under you.

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